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Liposuction Near Me Seguin, TX


Have you tried every diet imaginable? Have you been going to the gym everyday and you can’t seem to get the results you have been wanting? So many people care about their bodies, they do anything to remain healthy and fit. But sometimes the exercise a person does doesn’t diminish the stubborn fat. Stubborn fat can be aggravating to have because there really isn’t a exercise that can decrease the appearance of it. Is there anything that can treat stubborn fat and can help a person get his/her dream body? Well, if you live in Seguin, LCS Medical Spa has an answer for you! LCS Medical Spa located in Seguin offers Liposuction to the residents of San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston TX. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can not only treat stubborn fat but can also be the first step of you getting your dream body! Dr. Melanie Carreon has been performing tumescent liposuction in San Antonio since 2005, and has provided many patients with the results that they desire. According to many patients, LCS Medical Spa Liposuction Cost in San Antonio is one of the most affordable in Texas!

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*Individual Results may vary

What is Liposuction San Antonio?

Traditional liposuction San Antonio is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States. This surgical procedure removes fat from specific parts of the body through various techniques. Traditionally, liposuction is performed using a cannula (narrow tube), which suctions out fat to give patients a slimmer, more attractive physique. *

Benefits of Liposuction:

There are several benefits when it comes to Liposuction San Antonio especially helping those who want to improve their body imperfections.

Who is a candidate for Liposuction San Antonio?

The most ideal candidates for liposuction San Antonio are in good overall health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Candidates should have good skin elasticity and be close to their ideal body weight. As with any surgery, patients should have realistic expectations about the procedure and seek liposuction only if they have areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.*

Liposuction San Antonio should not be seen as a form of weight loss surgery nor to treat skin imperfections such as cellulite.*

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*Individual Results may vary

What areas can Liposuction treat?

There are many areas of the body that liposuction can be performed on, including:

  • Neck/Chin*
  • Chest*
  • Abdomen*
  • Thighs*
  • Pubic*
  • Arms*
  • Chest*
  • Buttocks*
  • Back*
  • Legs*

What is the Liposuction Cost San Antonio at LCS Medical Spa?

Prices vary depending on what specials we run monthly for Liposuction cost San Antionio. Although, we have been known and told by many patients that are prices are “one of the most affordable” in Texas. Please see our specials here. 

What is the procedure?

There are numerous techniques available for patients who seek liposuction San Antonio. During a consultation, Dr. Carreon will help you decide which method will be best for you. Dr, Carreon also offers different types of body contouring treatments. Each treatment is different from the other. But it depends on what Dr. Carreon recommends and most importantly what you feel more comfortable with. * Here is a list of different liposuction and body contouring treatments.*

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*Model, not actual patient of Dr. Carreon.
*Individual Results may vary

Liposuction San Antonio initial evaluation:

Initial evaluation can be scheduled for in person to meet with Dr. Carreon, or can be a phone consultation for patients that are out-of-town/State and unable to travel fo consultation or just for convenience. Both office and phone consultations are complimentary.*

Traditional Liposuction:

Also known as “suction-assisted liposuction (SAL),” Liposuction is performed by making tiny incisions in the targeted area(s), where a cannula is then inserted to break up and suction out fatty tissue, often under general anesthesia. After the desired amount of fat has been removed, the incisions are closed and dressed with bandages.*

What happens during surgery?

During tumescent liposuction your physician will inject a numbing solution to reduce the amount of discomfort you may experience. Although you may feel a bit of pressure, this is very mild. After the numbing solution and tumescent fluid has been injected into the treatment area, Dr. Carreon will melt fat cells with SmartLipo Triplex laser technology and remove the melted fatty deposits using the Microaire power assisted Liposuction machine and cannula.*

What happens after surgery?

The result of the liposuction will be evident in 1-6 months after the surgery, although most people will see a noticeable difference within days or weeks. Although the suctioned fat deposits are gone, if you don’t maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen, the remaining fat deposits could enlarge, creating irregularities in the treated area.*

SmartLipo Triplex:

SmartLipo Triplex gets rid of fat through triple laser lipolysis, which utilizes wavelengths to literally melt fat cells and help tighten the skin. Although patients may feel some discomfort, there is little downtime associated with this procedure under local anesthesia. Call for details in limited time pricing.*

Body Jet:

Also known as “water-jet assisted liposuction San Antonio (WAL),” Body Jet is different from other liposuction techniques because a water solution is injected through the incisions before the fat is suctioned out. The water-spray device is used to dislodge and break down fatty deposits for easy removal. It often involves less recovery time because there is less pain and swelling associated with this procedure. In some cases, the appearance of cellulite can also be reduced.*

Liposuction for Men:

Women are not the only ones who want to improve their body structure, men want to improve their body structure as well. Similar to women, men develop fat pockets that cannot go away. To decrease the appearance of fat pockets or stubborn fat many men go to the gym or change their diet, but sometimes that doesn’t always work. When it comes to men, fat accumulates in the hip area, abdomen, chin, and breasts. Liposuction San Antonio can help men who would like to decrease the appearance of stubborn fat especially in the areas previously stated. Liposuction is not just for women, men can get this life-changing procedure as well! If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to Liposuction San Antonio for men call Dr. Carreon at LCS Medical Spa today!*

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*Individual Results may vary

What is the Recovery process?

Most patients can return to some minor activities within a few days, and there will still be some bruising that should fade within a few days after the procedure.*

What are the results?

The final results may not be seen immediately after surgery depending on which technique is performed, but the effects will become more apparent in the coming days as swelling subsides. A compression garment may be worn in order to reduce swelling and to prevent sagging skin. Many patients are able to return to work and their daily routines in about a week, or sooner. However, strenuous activity and exercise should not be resumed until a few weeks after the procedure.*

At LCS Medical Spa, all liposuction San Antonio procedures are done on an outpatient basis. Our practice is accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This ensures that each patient is cared for with the highest standards in safety and effectiveness.*

How long do the results last?

It is important to make healthy lifestyle choices, and avoid significant weight gain, if you want to maintain and make the results last.*

How bad is the scarring?

Scars with liposuction can occur, but it is usually small incisions and scars are also quite small. The amount or degree of scarring may also depend on patient’s genetic or inherited scarring tendency.*

Will the fat reappear?

Liposuction does get rid of fat cells permanently, because the fat cells that are treated are certainly gone for good. Although, the remaining fat cells that weren’t removed can enlarge without healthy lifestyle changes.*

Patient Testimonials:

“Dr. Carreon & her staff are absolutely wonderful, very caring and they do a great job! I am ecstatic w/ my results. It has turned out better than expected & would highly recommend. I have my self confidence back, not to mention I can actually wear all the clothes in my closet! Thank you Dr. Carreon, Mary & staff for being so great at what you do! I have my life back and just 1 month since my surgery!”

“I had arms, inner and outer thighs, full stomach and chin. I do recommend highly. If you are looking for fast results, this is the procedure you want. The first time I saw the difference was 24 hours after. The key of the success is to follow Dr. Carreon’s instructions. As far as pain, the pain of a pinch is it, and no discomfort. You just have to be patient and trust Dr. Carreon, because she knows what she is doing. And in one month, I felt like I was 20 years younger. Mary and the rest of the staff are excellent and they make you feel like the most important person . And you are, because you turn to feel the most beautiful person you can be. Thank you Dr. Carreon and Staff”.

“I had liposuction before I came to Dr. Carreon and did not see any results, as a matter of fact my legs looked worse than before the procedure. I was really at a loss of what to do and very discouraged about attempting another procedure. However, upon meeting with Dr. Carreon and her amazing staff, I decided to try one more time. The very next day when I was changing my dressings, I saw a tremendous difference, but with my first lipo, I saw no change. I would recommend this to anyone I know. I am very pleased with my results and I am only one month out and I am looking forward to the months to come”

Dr. Carreon Specials

Here are some Liposuction San Antonio specials Dr. Carreon currently offers! Please call for details (830) 212-4449 opt. 1

Liposuction San Antonio Before and After Results:

*Individual Results may vary

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